organized chaos.

About my chaos

Hello! I’m Kareen. For those who know me, you already know I have three big passions in life and that is to write, take photos and travel. If you don’t know me, you probably won’t know that at this very moment, I am literally living out my dream to work abroad in the field of International Development. I have been assigned to Iloilo City in the Philippines as an intern at a local NGO, all thanks to the Canadian Urban Institute and CIDA.

Organized chaos defines everything I have come to know and love about Iloilo. While many of the processes I have encountered seem so convoluted, there is also simplicity behind the madness. Order behind the chaos. And behind me are the days of traffic lights, pedestrian walkways and sidewalks. These Smiling Ilonggos have sucked me in, and now I too jaywalk amidst the chaos with a smile on my face. Here I will post some highlights and images of my work, surroundings, and encounters.

Keep smiling! Salamat po.


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